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46,000 Sq. ft. (manufacturing space)
All tooling and fixtures produced in house
24 hour (3-shift production)
Manufacturing Standards to USA Food & Drug Administration
Good Manufacturing Procedures
EN ISO 13485:2003 / ISO 9001:2000
CE Mark Approval (Registration Nos. DE/CA09/0170/136)
In-house degreasing, passivating, electro polishing, and tumbling.
Springs-Compression .003 inch wire dia. to .125 inch dia.
Springs-Extension, Torsion .003 inch wire dia. to .080 inch dia.
Wireforms Wire sizes to .187 inch dia. / Wire lengths to 15 inches
Multislide Stampings Material max. width 2.00 inches; press size to 50 tons
Snap Rings-Round, square, and rectangular shapes. Up to .156 inch dia. on
round wire. Square wire to .093 inch. Square and rectangular sections to
.095 inch x .188 inch. Maximum ring outside diameter is 6 inches
Orthodontic-Complete line of Stainless Steel, Nickel Titanium,
Beta Titanium Martensitic, Elgiloy, Posted, Braided, Coaxial, 1 x 3 Twist,
and Reverse Curve archwires as well as Open and Closed Coil Springs,
Rotation Springs, Extension springs with Eyelets, Helix Springs, Uprighting
Springs, Various Ligature Ties, Straight and Cut Wire, Adams and Ball Clasps.
Medical Guidewires-Coated and uncoated in outside wire diameters from .018"
to .080". Lengths up to 180cm (longer lengths upon request). Complete
dispenser packaging available.
Wire Shaping-Turks Heads and Straightened and
Cut Lengths .006 inch square to .030 inch square.