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Reverse Curve of Spee archwires

The archwire with a multitude of capabilities

Reverse Curve of Spee archwires are available in both super elastic and martensitic nickel titanium materials. The archwires are offered in a selection of wire sizes ranging from 0.012" through 0.020" in round and 0.016" X 0.016" through 0.021" X 0.025" in square and rectangular. For a midline, you may choose from an ink or dimple midline.

We supply these archwires in two styles, our original style upper and lower which features a standard length reverse curve of spee with the deeper "rocking chair" and legs that have a distinct toe in. We also offer an upper and lower archwire with "straight" legs  that do not toe in at the ends of the archwire.

Original Style Reverse Curve

Our original style reverse curve archwire is an excellent choice for initial leveling, bite opening and closing, consolidation and creating space. This product is offered in both the super elastic and martensitic nickel titanium wire so depending on your force needs you will find we have the correct wire for your application. If a smooth bright surface finish is a concern, you will always receive the same finish quality on our reverse curve product as you get with our standard nickel titanium archwire products.

Because of the extensive research and development that Acme Monaco has invested on this product line, you can be assured that our "state of the art" manufacturing methods  and tooling will always provide a consistent shape both in the archform,"rocking chair curve", and the material force properties.

" Straight" Leg Style Reverse Curve

Our "straight" leg style reverse curve archwire is an excellent choice for use in bite closure and when looking to ensure the correct curve of spee on the upper arch as well as when needed to expand the lower arch.  As noted with our original reverse curve archwires, we provide these wires also in super elastic and martensitic to ensure you have the right wire for your particular patient needs.

Clinical Advantages

Our super elastic archwires are an excellent choice if reduction of chair time, fewer wire changes, and longer intervals between appointments is your goal. These wires excel in early treatment aligning, opening and closing, and leveling of the patients teeth. They are often used for the treatment of a severe malalignment, due to their flexibility characteristics and easy insertion properties. Acme Monaco can provide a dimpled midline on our reverse curve archwires and this dimple will prevent the wire from sliding side to side after engagement.

If you are looking for an all around winner when it comes to treatment capabilities and reduction of chair time,  try Acme Monaco's reverse curve of spee archwire products today.

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