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Micro Dental White Archwires excels in appearance and performance

Acme Monaco offers our Micro Dental White Archwires in a wide variety of archforms, material types, and sizes. This product is offered in stainless steel, nickel titanium, or beta titanium. The coating can be applied to all our standard material sizes. A "Dental White" color coating shall be applied to the labial face of the archwire to provide an optimum cosmetic appearance.

Material Properties

Through development, we continue to refine our coating aesthetics to achieve a product that is superior to other offerings currently available.  Along with the higher aesthetics, we retained  our original goal which was to apply a coating that did not compromise the actual size of the archwire. In other words, we wanted to be able to use, and classify a .019" X .025" coated archwire as in fact being a .019 X .025" archwire and having the same properties of an identical solid stainless steel, nickel titanium or beta titanium archwire. We found that with other types of coating, for example, that a .019" X .025" archwire is actually a .017" X .022" archwire plus the thickness of the coating.

We were able to achieve our goal by using a PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) coating that is approximately .0015" thick and is applied only to the labial surface of the archwire that is seen after it has been inserted in the patient's mouth. By coating only the mesial surface, which is not in contact with the brackets, we were also able to eliminate any concerns that the coating would have on the amount of friction between the archwire and the bracket.  


  • Coating is only on visible areas of the archwire      
  • Wire properties are identical to uncoated wires      
  • Available in S/S, NiTi, and Beta Titanium      
  • Safe and effective coating

Coating Properties: The PTFE coating is resistant to staining from harsh substances, such as coffee and juices. The coating is also impervious to cracking, flaking, chipping or peeling when, for an example, a loop is applied or the archwire is deformed in any way. Biocompatibility and Toxicity testing has been performed on our PTFE coated archwires to ensure their safety and fitness for use.

Efficiency:  Because our wires are only coated on the labial front surface, the archwires can be produced from the same cross-section size as our solid stainless steel, nickel titanium, or beta titanium archwires. This results in coated archwires with the same forces and ductility characteristics as the uncoated archwires in the same cross-sectional size. 

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